Woman Spends a Thousand Hours Creating CGI-Like Costume

How many hours do you think you’ve spent on your hobby? A couple of dozen? A hundred maybe? What about a thousand?

Most people wouldn’t probably say that they’ve spent a thousand hours on their hobby, let alone on just one particular pet project. But, that’s exactly what a game designer from Switzerland did when she spent a thousand hours creating a costume that looked like it was printed straight out of a CGI model.

Martina Hugentobler initially shared her creation on Reddit, which instantly became a viral hit. After taking a look at it, it’s easy to see why a lot of people are gushing over this side-project of hers.

From her sheer dedication and her attention to detail, you can see clearly just how passionate Hugentobler is when it comes to creating costumes. The CGI-looking Anubis costume certainly does the Egyptian’s god of the dead justice.