Woman Fulfills Her Dream of Becoming a Painter During Lockdown

For most of us this has been a pretty difficult year due to the pandemic and months of lockdown. However, some people have used the time at home wisely and tried to pursue their lifelong dreams. For example, a woman named Vitaliya who lives in Ortigia, Sicily, decided to finally fulfill her dream of becoming a painter.

“I have always loved painting; I’m fascinated by art, the feelings it provokes in people, and the feelings it gives me while creating it. I have experimented with all sorts of mediums, from sculpture to crochet. But painting really gives me a window to show people how I see the world,” the artist wrote for Bored Panda.

Painting was only a hobby for Vitaliya, until just a few months ago. But lockdown gave her plenty of time and space to experiment and improve her skills and that’s when she finally decided to turn her hobby into a career and become a full-time painter.

The young artist says she finds inspiration in everything that surrounds her from her cats and friends to the beautiful scenery of her lovely Mediterranean town.