Venture into these Architectural Wonders of the World

Centuries ago, some architectural structures were impossible to build. Modern advancements in technology have changed this. Here are some architectural wonders of the world.

The Victorian Prison

This was the first and longest running prison in Hong Kong. It was built on Old Bailey street in Hong Kong island in China in 1884 and later renovated by De Meuron and Herzog.

Bridge of Mary Magdalene

This medieval bridge crosses the Serchio river and was designed by the Countess of Tuscany, Matilda.

The Golf House

This futuristic concrete house is integrated into its surroundings. It was built in Costa Esmeralda in Argentina and was designed by Luciano Kruk.

The Duperre Basketball Court

This colorful court explores the relationship between art, sports, and culture. It is located in the city of Paris, France and was designed by Pigalle and III-Studio with support from Nike.

Bamboo Nest Towers

This climate energy plan is meant to cut gas emissions by the year 2050. It was designed in 2015 by Vincent Callebautt architectures.

Some other wonders include: