Turn Your Everday Artifacts Into Things of Beauty

Shayda Campbell wants you to paint pretty and enjoy the process. A creative through and through, she passes her knowledge onwards on her designated YouTube channel, sharing art tutorials (two a week), with the hope of encouraging the artist in all of us.

“I’ve tried my best to make my channel a calm, inspirational space where you can approach the basics of drawing, watercolor painting, journaling, and many other crafts,” writes Campbell on her website. “There are so many benefits to everyday creativity, so I hope you’ll grab a paintbrush and join me. Because creativity is play, anyone can do it!”

Based in Prince Edward Island, she teaches anything from how to knit your own hat to how to bake a gorgeous birthday cake. But mostly, she focuses her work on papercrafts.

“At the heart of my YouTube channel is the idea that making the artifacts of our everyday life, things like cookies, calendars or greeting cards, into things of beauty is an important task,” she says. “It’s uplifting. First, because the process of creativity is so wonderful, and second, because it’s just lovely to be surrounded by lovely things.”

Surround yourself by lovely things by first, following her online: