This Is the Perfect Comic for Cat Owners

Every cat owner (we’re sorry, cat cohabitant) knows that living with a cat is basically a daily roller-coaster ride between “pet me, I love you” and “I am trying to decide between peeing on your sheets and destroying your Christmas tree.”

No matter how much damage they make in your house, or how many times we get asked what happened to our forearms, thanks to the numerous playful and not-so-playful cuts by our feline companions, we still let them get away with pretty much anything. Because look how cute they are!

Cody Stone Stowe has had a cat cohabitant called Coral for a couple of years, and her quirky behavior inspired him to create a funny, relatable, and endearing webcomic about her. His comics show what living with a cat is really like, and that in reality, we don’t own the cats, the cats own us.

Cody interprets the looks Coral gives him in a very human way – her sardonic expressions, eye-rolling, and judgy glares. The best thing about his Instagram account is that besides the comics, we also get to see photographs of Coral in real life, so we can meet the living inspiration behind the playful illustrations.  

Scroll down to meet Coral!