This Friendly Dog Fight Is Captioned Hillariously

Huskies are some of the most expressive dogs out there. These canines are known to be chatty, but also throw tantrums from time to time. Their beautiful fur alongside their wolf-like features, also makes them stand out.

Huskies are also quite obedient and easy to train. So it’s no wonder they make for amazing housepets! If you love a chatty breed, then a husky should be in your list of considerations.

The Huskies in this video were obviously having a heated argument. A social media user decided to add some captions to make it even funnier. It was captioned as a fight between a couple, and the dogs acted the part perfectly. They gave each other time to speak their minds and also responded with bodily gestures that show that the dogs were unhappy with each other. Granted, this video will be the funniest thing you’ll see today.

Watch the funny video below