These Digital Illustrations Are Great Fun

Vanessa Branchi’s digital illustrations are very much contemporary. Revolved around the urban landscape, Branchi sees herself as a city person at heart. Born in Italy, where she studied Graphic Design, she’s currently living and working in Berlin as a full-time illustrator.

“I’m spending time discovering Berlin, and getting involved in the artistic scene,” she told Inky Goodness. “Coming here has been a complete change of surroundings. All of this and a fresh pair of eyes will no doubt influence my illustrations. I feel ready to accept this exciting new challenge and work on new and exciting collaborations.”

Judging by her rich portfolio and solid clientele, which includes giants like Google, Siemens, Time Out, and The Telegraph, other people are just as excited to work with her. “Alongside my client based work I am always working and developing my personal portfolio,” she stressed.

But though now wholly dedicated to illustrating, her first taste of the industry was working with clients on various graphic design projects. “However, drawing has been a great passion of mine ever since I was a young child,” she says, admitting that: “It took me some time before I realized that it could do it professionally, and make it a part of my everyday life.”

Here are some highlights from her Instagram page: