These Bedroom Illustrations Are Pure Gaming Nostalgia

Do you remember how gaming used to be in the good old days? It was just you, your console, and your bedroom, which usually involved tons of CD’s stacked on your shelves and a big, hulking TV that you probably couldn’t lift all by yourself even if you wanted.

These days, gaming is different.

With more and more manufacturers favoring the digital route, the days when you had to physically own a game are long gone. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce, right?

Rachid Lotf, a Morocco-based artist, wanted to capture these times, and using his talents, he did quite a good job.

Then again, it’s probably easier to do it if you’re one of those who lived through such times yourself. Because, really, everything from a decade or two ago is there, including but not limited to the AAA games of the time, as well as the accurate and hyper-realistic representation of the gamers of then, regardless of which platform you played on.

His striking and accurate portraits of the typical gaming den a decade ago will send you on a pure nostalgia trip that will have you thinking about simpler times.

Make sure that you scroll down below to see it for yourself.

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