The World Is a Kinder, Happier Place Thanks to Emily Coxhead

If following the news makes you sad or angry, you’re following the wrong kind of news. Enter Emily Coxhead. In 2015, she launched The Happy News, a newspaper focused on only the good stuff. Aiming to add a little bit of sunshine to this sometimes gloomy planet, her website brings a refreshing twist on what we typically know as “news,” reporting on positive changes and truly inspiring people.

Since launching The Happy News, Coxhead has turned into somewhat of a celebrity, appearing on BBC, and HuffPost, amongst other more traditional publications. Aside from her website, she also runs a buzzing Instagram page (with more than 130k fans to date), as well as a line of merch that includes a range of merry. greeting cards. And if that’s not enough, she’s also published a book titles Make Someone Happy with Penguin Random House.

“The fact that I can do what makes me happy for a living whilst also making others happy surely has to be the best thing ever!” she exclaimed in an interview with Virgin. “But also cups of tea, biscuits, and sunsets make me happy.”

Working from her rainbow-filled office, her goal is simple but poignant: make other people happy. “Without really realizing I started on my little happy mission,” she admits. “I thought if I could make a few people’s worlds a little happier then that’s what I would do until I figured out what I was going to do for a ‘proper’ job. I set up a Kickstarter to fund the first issue of The Happy Newspaper, a newspaper to celebrate all the good stuff going on in the world.”

But of course, that was only the beginning. Follow her social media pages for a bit of sunshine:

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Happy 4th birthday to my little @thehappynewspaper 🥳💛 how it‘s been four years I’ve honestly no idea but what I do know is how proud I am of this funny little newspaper… never in a million years would I have thought I’d be the flippin founder of a newspaper and even after the first issue, I never expected it to carry on. The amount of people telling me ‘nobody reads newspapers anymore’, ‘it should be an app’, ‘it’ll just be a trend’ etc etc. Didn’t really fill me with confidence but the fact that I never really had any expectations for it is part of the reason I’m so proud of it now, I hadn’t thought past issue one, how I would fund the next issues with £0 let alone that four years later I’d be on issue 16 with over 12,000 subscribers in 33 different countries 😱 I love that it speaks for itself, it quite simply shares the good in the world and makes people smile and that’s just the best thing. The feedback I‘ve received from people who have read or passed on their happy news sums up exactly why I created this little safe, happy place✨ Thank you to every single person who has supported or shared it in any way, I’m so grateful and proud this is part of my job and your continued support means I can keep sharing the good stuff 💛 and huge, massive, ginormous thank you to Alison, Zabby, Gabrielle, Bex, David, Abi, Una and everybody who has contributed to the past 16 issues, I could not do it without you. Thank you thank you thank you 🥰✨ what an absolutely mad journey it’s been so far 🙈 (Issue 16 will be shipped real sooooon! 📮 next issue: 1st March)

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