The World Is a Brighter, Happier Place Thanks to This Artist

Morag Myerscough adds a blast of color to her surroundings, transforming public spaces into works of art. Her artwork, characterized by bold patterns and shapes, vibrant colors, and big type are hard to ignore (to say the least!)

Known around the world for her unique approach, she makes large scaffold structures adorned with neon geometric patterns and shapes often incorporating positive messages that are hand-painted onto plywood.

But with all that, it’s hard to put a finger on what exactly is it Myerscough does. “I’m not a graphic designer, illustrator, architect or a sculptor, but maybe I’m all of those things,” she considered in an interview with Elephant. “It’s about mindset and trying to create something for people to feel they are part of. My mantra is the Chinese proverb ‘Make happy those that are near and those that are far will come.'”

Mostly working based on commissions, she admits she prefers having big projects (quite literally). “But, I wouldn’t want to do it all the time: it’s manual work,” she adds. “I don’t like repeating things. I do repeat symbols and motifs in my work but I don’t like the idea of repeating projects. I am obsessed with the paint being really flat and the color to be really deep and the edges being really perfect. People ask why I don’t use vinyl, it’s just that I like doing mechanical things by hand.”

Enter her magical worlds: