The Unusual Friendship Between A Girl And Her Donkey

Every person has that one special friend who makes their life better and a lot more interesting, and for many people, their dog or cat fills this role. But have you ever imagined having a donkey as a best friend?

Payton Dankworth a teenager from Ballinger, Texas has a donkey best friend named Jack Austin. It all began one ordinary school day when Payton got a call from her friend who lives on a horse ranch. Her friend told her about a little baby donkey who was in a very bad situation.

“He told me that the abandoned donkey’s condition was very bad and he probably wouldn’t make it through the night,” Payton recalls.

Being an avid animal lover and the owner of two dogs, the high school girl accepted the proposal to take care of him. At first, Jack Austin was frightened and weak, but as the days passed by, he got stronger and vivacious.

The girl’s love and attention transformed Jack from a neglected, underweight and really scared little fella to a self-confident animal who’s always running around playing with the dogs or just chilling in the yard, and Payton couldn’t be happier in his company.

Scroll down to meet the beautiful Jack Austin!