The Unique Food Embroideries of Ipnot

Japanese artist known as ipnot makes incredibly detailed embroideries that seem to jump right out of the fabric. Her expertise? Hyper-realistic embroideries of food items. They often incorporate props that add an interactive layer to her art.

Using her needle as a sort of a paintbrush, she stitches one knot at a time – an embroidery technique known as French knotting, in which the yarn or thread is knotted around itself.  “I discovered myself that the French knot stitch can be done by wrapping thread around the needle,” writes ipnot on her website. “I find this type of stitching to be a lot of fun to do and it is my favorite type of stitch.”

“I choose a thread of my own preference from 500 different-colored embroidery threads,” she adds. “As in the art of stipple painting, I use my needle like a paint brush and I stitch one knot at a time.”

Ipnot’s passion for embroidery began early on. “I have spent my childhood surrounded by very creative and crafty people who have inspired me,” she explained. “I was drawn to embroidery because my grandmother used to do embroidery and made it look very relaxing and enjoyable. So I tried it and I enjoyed it myself.”

According to her, the work that goes into each piece doesn’t actually feel like work. “Rather, it feels like a hobby since I am having fun,” she concludes.

Take a look at some of her pieces in the gallery below.

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