The Modern Bakery Will Give You Cuteness Overload with Their Macarons

Instagram is currently overflowing with delicious and beautifully designed macarons, but if we had to pick one page dedicated to this French pastry, we’d have to go with The Modern Bakery.

This made-to-order bakery was founded by Pennsylvania-based baking enthusiasts Marissa, who was passionate about making desserts since her childhood and decided to transform her hobby into a legitimate business.

She can make so much more than macarons, and you can find a bunch of amazing cakes and donuts on her Instagram page, but there’s a reason why macarons are her personal favorite.

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Who’s ready for Halloween?!

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Marissa decided to specialize in making macarons because they’re yummy, and she wanted to share her love for this dessert with the rest of her community since there aren’t many places in her area that have them in-store.

She managed to put a modern twist on this pastry, by experimenting with different designs and flavors. Simple, colorful macarons come with ease to here, but she shines the brightest whenever she pays homage to our favorite pop culture characters, such as Cookie Monster or Baby Yoda.