The Awe-Inspiring Embroideries of Veselka Bulkan

Veselka Bulkan’s embroidery work is anything but traditional. Her “Little Herb Bouquet” features felted vegetables that hang from the wooden embroidery hoops, with the leaves remaining withing the hoop. “After several years having fine arts education in painting department, and so with my love of designing new things, I focus on design more and more,” she wrote on her website. “I realize how I like to spend quality time to bake. All the sounds of kitchen, and styling. Little Herb Bouquet is inspired by all these thoughts.”

But it was Bulkan’s ultrasound embroideries that have really taken the internet by storm. “I came up with an idea of a baby ultrasound embroidery and announcing my pregnancy this way,” wrote Bulkan, explaining the idea behind her work. “I was imaging from her ultrasounds how my little one will look like, and thinking of a keepsake of these beautiful days. Now, this is piece is a part of our nursery.”

“I have got many inquiries after my announcement, and after I while, I started to accept custom orders,” she went on to explain. “There become shortly a long backlog, more than I can handle especially as a new mom, hundred of emails at some days, I could not reply one by one, felt really upset about it. Embroidering is a slow process at all, and most of my current time is obviously dedicated to my little one for the moment.”

Since her page blew up, she currently doesn’t accept new orders. But her embroideries are still very much awe-inspiring, even when only admired from afar, via her Instagram page. Based in Munich, Germany, she’s constantly inspired by the city around her, but also loves exploring nature, long picnics, and cycling around lakes in the Alps.

Join her creative journey.