Textile Artist Creates Butterflies With Adorable Wings

Larysa Bernhardt describes herself as a textile artist who creates adorable needlepoint butterflies. She lives and works in De Soto, Missouri and crafts magical creatures out of textile treasures she has been collecting her entire life.

“Silent protectors for your home, quiet library companions… I’ve been collecting vintage, antique and heirloom quality modern day textiles as long as I can remember…this is my way to give them new life,” the artist shared with Bored Panda.

The wings of the butterfly showcase some kind of image. From the sun and the moon to nature and human portraits, Bernhardt makes remarkable masterpieces.

To see some of her creations, check out Bernhardt’s Instagram account or her Etsy store where you can buy her beautiful and unique artwork.

Scroll down and check out the gallery below.