Sydney Based Artist Paints Realistic Waves With a Touch of Magic

With a special admiration for the ocean and a love of painting, Vanessa Mae, a Sydney based artist, creates amazing pictures of splashing waves. She uses acrylic paint in her depiction of waves which are deeply abstract and realistic at the same time.

All her paintings are composed of several layers of paint, meticulously placed on each other. She works mainly with blue pigments because of her love for the ocean. This color is accented by green, white, and brown hues for seafoam, sand, and aquatic plants.

To Mae, her art is more about method and approach. She sees painting as large scale depictions that can form ways to escape reality. Mae didn’t get any formal training but has still managed to carve a niche for herself in this competitive industry.

See some of her work in the gallery below

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Happy Thursday and Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. Here’s a throwback photo, as I’m holding myself back from sharing the commission pieces I’ve been working on. This is just one piece that now lives in Sunshine Coast, Queensland. I apologise if I’ve gotten off track with sharing my artworks regularly and consistently. I’d say, being a working mum is a good excuse, it's never easy being a mum trying to juggle a full-time job with a family life. The truth is I struggle to remember – squeezing in time to share my works, my process, my thoughts is next to impossible, and most of the time it proves to be more of distraction than I’m willing to afford myself. Nonetheless, I'm incredibly fortunate that I have a job I don't hate and am passionate about and I’m thankful and lucky to have an incredible supportive working husband that helps me with everything including all my admin work and taking care of our daughter – I can't imagine what it is like for working mothers without support systems. The one thing that definitely helps me, although it’s hard to do all the time, is keep a positive mindset. Positivity creates a beautiful environment for my creative juices to flow and allows me to immerse myself into my art and I can see it at the end of each day on the canvas in front of me. The added bonus is knowing I am doing my best as a working mum by creating a positive environment for her to grow up in, be nurtured in and turn into the gorgeous princess that she is today. #latenightthoughts

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