Stone Turn into Soft and Shapeable Material in the Works of Spanish Sculptor

Stone is an extremely hard material to handle, especially if you are using it to make art. But in the works of Spanish sculptor Jose Manuel Castro Lopez, a stone turns into soft and shapeable material that seems like it could be manipulated with ease.

Lopez gained worldwide attention thanks to his stone sculptures that give the impression like they were made out of clay. With round edges, foldable surfaces, or even liquid traits, his works amaze anyone who sees them.

According to the artist, he doesn’t have a detailed plan when he starts working on a new piece. Instead, Lopez lets the shape of the stone lead him through the process.

He also pays a lot of attention not to affect the stone’s surface, aiming to give it a natural look.

“My relationship with the stone is not only physical but also magical,” says Lopez. “They manifest, they obey me, we understand each other.”