South African Artist’s Work is The “Trapeze Between Realism and Surrealism”

Lisa Nightshade describes her art technique as a “trapeze between realism and surrealism.”

“My art represents a bewitching decomposition of nature, with macabre themes on the fringe of an absurd daydream,” artist shared with Bored Panda. “Inspiration finds me at the bottom of a teacup; floating on the colourful stream of a musical note; or dust particles exploding form a fallen leaf.”

The award-winning illustrator, painter, surrealist, and nyctophile adores Halloween, it’s her favorite time of the year. This October, just like last year, she will be participating in a Halloween-themed art challenge: The Drawlloween Challenge.

“This year I’ll be participating again and to get into the spirit of things, I’m launching a promo on my website with last year’s drawings,” she added. “Each of them are rendered in graphite pencil on A5-sized paper.”

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