Skip Across the Rooftops of Paris with Simon Nogueira

25-year-old Simon Nogueira could be described in a number of ways including daredevil, adrenaline junkie, or acrobat. But if you ask him, he is just a freerunner.

While most Parisians and tourists explore the city from the ground, this Parisian young man decided to see a different side of the city. Nogueira is routinely climbing the rooftops of Paris to satisfy his curiosity and desire for adventure. Luckily for us, he also manages to snap a few photos along the way.

Nogueira documents his rooftops adventures on his social media pages and regularly shares amazing photos which show him hanging on cranes, balancing on narrow funnels, and doing all sorts of palm-sweating activities.

If you ever wanted to take a tour across the rooftops of Paris but were too afraid of the height, then enjoy in some of our favorite Nogueira’s photos below.