See Your Favorite Superheroes as Kids in These Comic Strips

Most kids can only dream of ever meeting their real-life heroes, but, Brazilian artist, Lucas Eduardo Nascimento, was one of the few who was lucky enough to have met his heroes in real life.

A talented artist, Lucas gained instant fame after his works caught the attention of Stan Lee, the grand-daddy of all superheroes, as did Robert Downey Jr., whose portrayal of Iron Man was arguably the reason why the Marvel Cinematic Universe exists as it is today.

We’re not here to talk about the works that got him noticed, however.

Instead, we’re here to talk about Lucas’ latest series of comics, in which he features famous superheroes, not in all of their glory, but what they would look like if they were children.

If you thought that it was impossible to fall in love with your favorite superheroes even more, then think again.