Sculptor Crafts Tiny Animals From Resin

Resin art is always beautiful to watch and make, mainly because of the delicate tools used in the process. In the videos below, you will see resin art at its finest. Alex, as this Instagram artist is simply known, specializes in crafting animals with different objects. From the video, we could see him holding a globe-like glass container and pouring the UV resin inside it.

Not long after that, he introduced some decorative materials, as well as pretty stones. The decorative items introduced into the UV resin container come in shortly after the resin was poured into the glass container. That is because the resin does not solidify before those decorative items are introduced.

We can also see a turtle which was placed underneath the glass, with the contents in it, which are solidified already. The turtle was made from polymer clay, and the different parts were assembled to form his complete body. After that, the turtle eyes and mouth were then positioned appropriately to their respective locations.

Take a look!