Rosa Yoo Will Leave You Speechless with Her Paper Miniatures

Many artists can’t imagine doing anything without paper, but not everyone sees it as a canvas. Rosa Yoo is one of the paper crafters who are transforming colorful pieces of paper into amazing works of art, and some of them are so small you’d barely notice them in person.

The passionate paper artist is based in South Korea and is a member of a paper art collective. She describes herself as someone who’s “mainly making three-dimensional modeling works by utilizing the original color and texture of paper.”

Yoo mostly draws inspiration from everyday objects and makes them extraordinary by breathing a new life into them with her works of art. She also enjoys recreating beautiful buildings and landscapes that caught her eye, mostly balconies decorated with flowers.

Yoo has been cutting, folding, and assembling paper into show-stopping 3D miniatures for over a decade now, but she’s still not done wowing the world. Each of her creations is incredible in its own right, and we’re always looking forward to seeing what she’ll do next.