Romanian Sculptor is Using Metal Wires to Create Surreal Historical Portraits

Darius Hulea is a Romanian sculptor who has a rather unusual approach to art. He’s creating portraits like you’ve never seen before, using industrial materials such as iron, stainless steel, copper, and brass wires.

Hulea’s work is mostly inspired by history and so far he’s created many portraits of prominent historical philosophers, artists, and rulers. Thanks to his exquisite technique and the versatility of the materials he’s using, Hulea’s portraits look more like drawings than sculptures.

The artist said that he loves working with metal wires because the material gives him the freedom to shape his artwork anyway he wants.

 “I hope that people will understand that I do nothing but draw in a new way, in a durable material of the past. I can then explore and research, as an artist, mythical, Renaissance, and modern thinking by finding three-dimensional examples that describe us now in a history of the past,” the sculptor stated for the media.

Take a look at Hulea’s surreal portraits in the photos below and visit his Instagram page if you want to see more of his artwork.