Pearada Unahalekhaka Will Inspire You to Keep Note of Your Travels

There are many reasons why we keep journals. From travel and dream journals to food diaries, a journal is a great way to document the different aspects of our life. Keeping a diary also has health benefits. A recent study showed that journal writers demonstrate a more vigorous antibody response to bacteria and viruses and produced less cortisol, a stress hormone.

But keeping a journal doesn’t necessarily mean putting pen to paper. For Pearada Unahalekhaka (Cheepsatayakorn), diary keeping means something else altogether. An avid traveler (at least when traveling is permitted), Unahalekhaka describes herself as “visual storyteller”—documenting the world around her with the aid of watercolors rather than words.

Born in Bangkok, Unahalekhaka has lived in New York City and Hong Kong, but her travels have taken her anywhere from San Francisco to Thailand. Her small watercolor paintings (Unahalekhaka carries a sketchbook with her at all times) offer snippets from those travels, which she then shares on Instagram. “Traveling is my way of life,” says Unahalekhaka. “It’s how I find inspiration, and my favorite way to capture the moment is to sketch.”

With an affinity to art and aesthetics in general, Unahalekhaka studied architecture as an undergraduate, and is also a graduate of Columbia University with Masters in Strategic Communications. “I discovered my true passions in strategy and illustration while living in New York City,” she notes. “I combine eight years of work experience in the branding and advertising industries with my study in architecture and my passion in illustration to implement design strategy and create designs that speak to the audience.”

Her favorite places to visit when she isn’t working? Big cities. “I love positive energy and inspirations I get from fast-paced cities,” says the illustrator. “I can’t really stay still.” Her visual stories might just inspire you to start a diary (visual or otherwise) yourself.