Painter Turns Used Tea Bags Into Miniature Works of Art

Ruby Silvious’ miniature paintings deserve a closer look. Painted on used tea bags that are emptied of their contents and dried out, her art is both original and luring, gaining quite the following on Instagram.

Launched in 2015, her painting series began as a challenge. “My goal when I first started this project was to see if I had the discipline to actually paint something every day,” she told Hudson Valley One.

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Which kettle are you?

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The 363 Days of Tea project has since blossomed, with Silvious recording her impression of the moment on her unique canvases. Some bags are opened and laid flat, while others are emptied without changing the original shape of the bag.

“I opened an Instagram account and said, ‘Let’s just see,’” she recalled. “I knew I wanted to do a tea-themed project, but just couldn’t decide how to do it. On the third day of the year, I was sitting in a coffee shop in New York City, so I posted a picture of my cup of tea and whatever I was eating. That was ‘Day One,’ and it took off from there: I got ten ‘likes’ the first day and I was ecstatic. ‘Wow! I was really not expecting an audience.’”

Take a closer look: