OMG Literally Dead Instagram Profile Mocks Millennials

Image by @omgliterallydead / Instagram

While Instagram can be a useful and inspiring social platform in many cases, it’s also known for its downsides. A typical millennial on Instagram can often be seen posting flat lays of everyday outfits, perfect shots of lunch (which got cold in the meantime), and a series of selfies that are basically all the same.

The account OMG Literally Dead is “run” by Skellie, a skeleton that mocks all those little Instagram habits typical for millennial girls (and some boys, too). Skellie is the project by 33-year-old Dana who works as Netflix’s brand and editorial manager. Yes, she spends a chunk of her time dragging a skeleton with her and setting it up for photos. It’s not the worst company to have, we guess.

Check out Skellie’s adventures below.

#TBT to chilling poolside and trying to answer the age old question: hot dogs or legs?

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These cute filters are dooope! #filterqueen

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Me n’ all my friends #🆒🆗

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