Nolan Pelletier’s Art Proves That More Is More

Nolan Pelletier’s illustrations are packed with shapes, lines, and patterns, proving that sometimes more is more.

“I guess in my work I try to share the things in the world that I find beautiful and create a world removed from the everyday realities of life,” he said in a candid interview with Polpettas. “While there are definitely political and social issues I feel passionate about, my art is a bit of an escape from those realities. I definitely find a lot of my happiness in visual culture.”

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🌜Some more wrapping paper I designed for @redcapcards !

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Indeed, his work provides an outlet from reality, an ever-shifting kaleidoscope with colorful geometric patterns that swivel and turn, collapsing into each other with every twist of the knob.

Inspired by ancient and modern history, lost civilizations, and mythical beasts, Pelletier’s illustrations showcase his love for a more vintage aesthetic.

“I love antique packaging, and also the revival of wood type in the mid 20th century,” he said. “I think that typography really helps define an era visually, so it’s useful shorthand to evoke a nostalgic feeling. I collect antique ephemera (printed matter, brochures, booklets, flyers etc.) and I think a lot of my affinity for type comes from this.”

Enter his exciting worlds in the gallery below.