Mom and Daughter’s Budget Recreations of Red-Carpet Looks are Amazing

Image by @seasunstefunny / Instagram

Mom and daughter from Turkey are rapidly gaining Instagram followers as they are having fun dressing up as celebrities.

Alya and her daughter Stefani enjoy recreating celebrity outfits using nothing but common household items and the results are pretty impressive.

“One day, I came across a photo of Rihanna in a blue Molly Goddard gown and decided to repeat her fashion look for my daughter, by using different materials on hand,” Alya said. “The publication of that photo got very popular on social media, so I went on making a “dress like a celebrity” photo series and posted them under the #ahStefani hashtag.”

“It takes around 10-30 minutes to recreate a celebrity’s look,” she shares. “We use nothing more than plastic, paper, tin foil and other materials you can find around the house, and a stapler to stick the pieces together.”

Check out their photos below!