Meet the Illustrator Who’s Fallen in Love With Color, Shape, and Pattern

Bristol-based illustrator Ana Jaks creates colorful, dynamic illustrations that are a joy to behold. Describing her style as “bold, bright, and colorful,” she has worked with giants like Facebook, Nike, VICE, The Telegraph, and many, many more.

“I think what links a lot of my projects are the colors and flat shapes,” she said in an interview with Working Not Working Magazine. “It’s fun and people often tell me looking at my work makes them smile which I love. I’m constantly trying to evolve and develop my style because it’s a good thing to never get too comfortable. Big arms seem to occur a lot in my work too, haha.”

She studied Illustration at Falmouth University and working independently since 2015 as a freelance illustrator, she’s now studying an MA in Visual Communications at Bath Spa to extend her skillset.

“I’ve always loved drawing but never saw it as a career option,” she admitted. “I also never thought I was good enough to continue with it at higher education. In school my art teacher told me to ‘leave the drawing alone now’ because he didn’t like the way I transformed everything into a cartoon.”

“I quit school and ended up studying Art & Design in college for two years where I was convinced that fashion design or marketing was what I wanted to pursue, until the tutors kept telling me I should consider illustration. I ended up applying for Falmouth – which I loved – but still didn’t feel good enough and nearly dropped out after my first year. Everything I made was with a black fineliner, and then someone exposed me to Posca pens and Anorak Magazine and I fell in love with color, shape, and pattern.”

Her love story with color, shape, and pattern is well documented on her Instagram page. Take a look!