Meet the Illustrator Who Treats His Work Like a Puzzle

Canadian illustrator and designer Tom Froese loves a good challenge. “Every project I work on is a new challenge, a puzzle,” he told Ballpit Magazine. “I aim to solve them the best way I can, with the most energy, the most appropriate feeling for the job, the most charm.”

“Personally, I want to see myself grow and evolve with each new thing I do,” he went on to say. “I don’t like doing the same thing over and over again, so I look for new ways to use what I have, something that feels fresh, original, pleasurably unexpected.”

Indeed, scrolling through his Instagram page you can’t help but feel a sense of exploration. Whether it’s a new style of drawing, a different theme, or an unusual color scheme, Froese keeps it fresh. Working from his home studio in the small village of Yarrow, his original takes have grabbed the attention of giants like Yahoo!, Air Canada, and GQ France.

Take a look for yourself.