Manami Sasaki Uses Pieces of Toast as Her Canvas

Manami Sasaki is an artist of many talents, and she recently turned to an unusual way to channel her creativity – creating amazing designs on pieces of toast.

Sasaki discussed her new project in an interview with Bored Panda and admitted she turned to toast art during the quarantine. Her morning routine lacked structure, and the Tokyo-based artist decided to switch things up by turning her toast into works of art.

What sets Sasaki apart from other toast artists on Instagram is the fact she tries to pay homage to Japanese culture with her work. For starters, she utilizes natural ingredients that are an essential part of Japanese cuisine, such as seaweed, tomatoes, and fish.

She also tends to choose themes related to Japanese culture and art, including dances, paintings, and anime characters that are popular in her home country.

Her toasts often take hours to complete, so she tends to pick a theme and complete most of the work the night before, so she could fully enjoy her breakfast the next morning.