Laurence Vallières Life-Sized Cardboard Sculptures Will Inspire You

Have you ever seen life-size cardboard sculptures? Get ready to be blown away.

Laurence Vallières is an ardent lover of the environment and it shows throughout her work. This talented artist creates sculptures from different materials. However, cardboard is the main material used. The best part? Her materials are all recycled.

Her sculptures are mostly of animals and so far she has created birds, elephants, giraffes, and bears, amongst others. Her materials include recycled bottles, cardboard, decommissioned weapons, and aluminum cans.

Vallières creates a satirical epic that touches environmental, social and political issues. She recently started using recycled plastic to create sculptures that draw awareness to the increase of plastic pollution in oceans.

She posts her work on her social media, where you can follow her. See some of her beautiful artworks in the gallery below.