Lakwena Maciver’s Murals Say It Like It Is

London street artist Lakwena Maciver uses words to impact and shape her environment. Known for her vibrant murals, those often feature empowering quotes and phrases. One mural reads: “Raise Your Hopes” another promises that “The Best Is Yet to Come.” “I think I’ve always used text and typography, even when I was a child,” recalled Maciver in an interview with Huck Magazine. “Words really interested me and I used to draw them a lot.”

“In terms of words that get me through the day, it’d definitely be The Bible – that’s also added to my understanding of the power of words,” she adds. “Naturally, I’m a bit of a pessimist so it helps to meditate on words of truth and encouragement.” According to Maciver, the artistic process itself begins with choosing the right words. “Before I even start painting a wall, I think a lot about the concept and what I want to communicate,” she explains. “I love the colors and the patterns and all that, but that’s almost secondary to what I want to say.”

“I once read this quote [by philosopher Calvin Seerveld] that said as an artist it’s important to ‘fire your art until it emits sparks that warm, or burn, those it reaches.’ And for me that how I see my work and my responsibility as an artist,” she concludes.

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