Kimberly Davis Creates Vibrant Artwork With Colors That Pop

The feeling one gets when looking at Kimberly Davis’ art can’t be understated. Naturally, everyone has their own perception, and yet we can’t help but feel as though her work refuses to be ignored. In other words, even if her art isn’t necessarily your preferred style, you can’t deny its impact on your senses.

Vibrancy and vividness are the two words that come to our mind when we look at her posts. The colors pop out in such a bold way that we can’t help but smile. Davis may have less than a thousand followers as we speak, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that number continues to rise in the coming years.

The main idea is that Davis seems to have something to say. In addition to her brilliant colors and unique textures, her work seems to be drawing on experience. The best art is the kind that reflects from a real place in the artist’s life, and she’s clearly doing that well. If you’re a fan of her work, support her by giving her a like and a follow as well!