Karolina Zolubak Documents Her Life In Drawings

Karolina Zolubak has been drawing ever since she was a child, but it took her some time to turn her hobby into a viable career. “I have been drawing as a child, also as a teenager,” she told Strangerless. “I’ve always been creative in one way or another but then… life happened.”

Convinced that she should study something else (“something substantial”), she went on the complete a Master of Arts in communication and cultural studies. And so, by the age of 17, she had put aside her creative wish. “I had a wound in my heart, yet I thought I understood that adult life was not supposed to be fun,” she recalls. “It was just supposed to work out and therefore you needed to compromise, work and be serious. Creativity was put aside and labeled as a childish wish.”

It was only years later that she gave her “childish wish” a second chance. Now she works full time as an illustrator, making editorial illustrations and personalized and individual illustrations. With a passion for traveling and a huge love for all things creative, she’s inspired by different cultures, languages, and music.

In a recent series, she shared her pregnancy journey through witty, if heartwrenching, illustrations. You can follow this series (and others) on her Instagram page.

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*Kali or Goddess Mother* How many roles do I play in my life? Meredith had it right…I‘m a mother, an entrepreneur, I‘m a wife, a friend, an author, an illustrator…sometimes it’s just overwhelming. I‘m juggling all of it at once, afraid to let any role fall down even for a while, but it’s simply impossible to give 100% to each role! It‘s 100% for all of them together, so if I choose to work more, my baby and my relationship get less; if I choose to go out with friends, I might need to pump and dump and call my publishers to postpone the next deadline. It‘s a wild act, overwhelming, exhausting but also exciting. I am trying to find a balance I can live with, kicking my perfectionism in the butt, asking for help and for forgiveness, trying not to loose my head. It’s my hell, it’s my dream, it’s nothing in between and I know I wouldn’t want it any other way!* . *free Interpretation of Meredith Brooks’ „I‘m a bitch“ . . . . . #motherhood #motherhoodillustrated #morerealityoninstagram #lifewithababy #momboss #preggojournal #creativetherapy #workingmother #bookauthor #illustrator #goddess #mothergoddess #artonlink #illustrationartists #womenwhodraw #motherhoodunited #fürmehrrealitätaufinstagram #mimimom #goddesskali #roles #illustratedlife #berlinillustration #momblogger #zoluart #womensupportingwomen #newauthor #bookrelease #newmother #alanismorissette

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