Judit Just Weaved Her Way Into Our Hearts

The history of tapestry is fairly ancient. Pieces in wool have been found in a variety of places, including the Hellenistic world and ancient Egypt. Of course, much has changed over the years. Contemporary tapestry has long surpassed the dull wall hangings preserved in castles and museums.

However, one contemporary textile artist that stands high above the rest is Judit Just.

Originally from Barcelona and currently based in Asheville, Just’s training includes fashion design, sculpture, and textile art, with a special focus on weaving and embroidery. According to Just, she’s been elbows deep in textile ever since she was a little girl as her mother used to weave and sew all the time.

These days, Just’s wall hangings, sold on her etsy shop and shared on her eye-popping Instagram page, stand out not only for her unique weaving technique but for their vibrant colors.

Her work is mostly the result of trial and error, with room for improvising: “Most of my tapestries are just an involuntary result of an improvisation, a dance with colors and materials,” she admitted in an interview with Colossal. “I like to let myself flow and see what it transforms into afterwards.”

Her unique creative process incorporates old weaving techniques and vintage threads. Depending on the type of wall hanging, Just weaves her tapestries with rye knots created either on a lap loom or an eight-harness table loom.

“Once I finish and approve one design, I keep the original in my studio to reproduce it in different color variations,” she explains. “Then I redo them and make them evolve and metamorphose into other creations.”

Prepare to fall in love with a woven wall hanging!