Jon Duff’s Chaotic Artworks Are a Lesson In Abundance

Jon Duff’s paintings are almost too much to handle. A chaotic explosion of colors and shapes, his artworks are both inviting and upsetting – the tragic outcome of an endless rollercoaster ride.

In an interview with Young Space, Duff explained how his work is somewhat inspired by sci-fi culture and the ways in which modern society is shaped around progress and disenchantment. “I’ve been really into sci-fi and fantasy art from the 70’s and 80’s lately,” said Duff. “It’s all so ridiculously over the top and technically impressive. I feel like I learn more looking at that stuff than any trip to the museum.”

“I’ve been considering our current era of abundance in the frame of science fiction for the past couple of years,” he went on to explain, stating how remarkable it is that we have access to so much information and physical goods and how quickly we have come to expect it all. “In relation to 99.9% of human history we live in an especially ridiculous time,” he observed. “We still mostly have a 20th century mentality, but we practically live a 24th century Star Trek: Next Generation replicator lifestyle.”

In light of that, his advice to other aspiring artists is fairly realistic: make whatever you want, because most people don’t care if you make anything at all. Duff’s abstract paintings have been exhibited internationally and have been featured in numerous publications including New American Paintings, ArtMaze, Ambit and JOIA Magazine. But you can also follow his work online, via Instagram.