Johnson Tsang Creates Eerie Sculptures Using Clay

Clay portraits have been around for centuries. Different sculptors have different methods to create them, and the art pieces themselves portray different meanings. One sculptor uses contorted clay faces to portray his dreamlike world.

Hong Kong-based artist Johnson Tsang creates controversial ceramic sculptures. His subjects are usually a human face, making for a somewhat chilling experience.

His new art series is named Lucid Dream II. This project features clear and surreal contortions of the face. Some squish and melt, while others wring and stretch. He titles the pieces with words that suggest that there is exploration of the space between the subconscious and the conscious.

Tsang uses unglazed and plain clay to eschew lifelike features like hair, color, and apparel. This helps direct the attention of the viewers on the relatable expressions of the subjects.

He has posted most of his work on his social media pages. Below are some of his creations.

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