John Collins Shows You How to Make the World’s Fastest Paper Plane

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make the fastest paper airplane, you know have the chance to learn it from the Guinness World Record holder himself, John Collins. Collins is the man who broke the record for the fastest paper plane in the world in 2012, and he’s now filmed a step-by-step video teaching everyone how to do the same. The video was done in collaboration with Great Big Story who published it on their Youtube channel.

“If you want to make the best paper planes, you need to learn from a master. So we asked John Collins, who set the Guinness World Record for farthest flight by a paper aircraft in 2012, to teach us a thing or two about the squash fold and perfect winglets. In this tutorial, he shows us how to fold three planes,” the video description reads.

Click play to watch the video and try to make your own fast paper plane. You can organize a race with family or friends to see whose plane will turn out the best!