Jill’s Incredible Journey to Becoming Instagram’s Most Beloved Squirrel

Despite their undeniable cuteness, squirrels are animals we usually see playing in the wild, but some people enjoy keeping them as pets. That’s the case with the owners of Jill the Squirrel, one of Instagram’s most popular pets.

Jill has been with her owners since 2012, and she really went through a lot before they took her under their wing. She was rescued from Hurricane Isaac that came ashore in Louisiana after her owners noticed she fell out of her nest.

She was only supposed to stay with them temporarily, but they fell with Jill right away and decided to make her a permanent member of the family. Despite the fact she has her own cage, Jill is so used to her new life that she’s allowed to freely roam around the house.

Her Instagram page describes her as “vegetarian, parkour expert whose only fear is the vacuum.” and 730,000 people already enjoy following her incredible adventures. It’s always fun to see her wearing cute outfits, hugging her favorite teddy bear and plotting her usual squirrel shenanigans.