Jaemy Choong is Recreating Your Favorite Movies Posters with His Cat

Image via jaemyc/Instagram

Jaemy Choong became a true Instagram sensation when he started mashing photos of himself and his friends with famous movie posters, but he didn’t stop there. He took things to a whole new level by making his cat a star of some of the most iconic movie posters.

Choong describes himself as an “awkward movie poster mashup guy” and “pop culture art mixer” and his Instagram features a bunch of hilarious photos that will make you think, “I wish I came up with this myself.”

He kicked off his poster mashup adventure by taking perfectly timed shots of movie posters with his friends in the background but eventually realized his cat would make for an even better and more adorable model.

His purrfect feline posters see his kitty standing still until perfectly matching the details on the photo in question. Anyone who ever owned a cat knows how difficult it is to convince them to keep it together and not move for a single second, and that makes us appreciate his photos even more.