Illustrator Spotlight: Sonal Jadhav’s Digital Art

Here at 5dwallpaper, we’re suckers for all things digital, so we were delighted to find visual artist and 3D illustrator Sonal Jadhav while scrolling idly on Instagram.

With an emphasis on minimalism and typography, Jadhav’s work serves as a reminder of the endless possibilities found in digital art. Indeed, in an interview with Ballpitmag, Jadhav admitted she’s drawn to this medium because it’s very forgiving.

“It gives me the freedom to experiment constantly,” said Jadhav. Her experimentations include architectural drawings, greeting cards, and a series dedicated to the English alphabet. “I live to create illustrations that are pleasing to the senses.”

Born in India, Jadhav got her Master’s degree in Supinfocom Rubika (a computer graphics university), after which she worked at an indie game studio in the Netherlands, where she’s lived ever since. But according to Jadhav, her cultural background—growing up in Mumbai—is very much present throughout her work.

These days, her work includes editorial illustrations and advertising campaigns, with clients like Microsoft Build, FOUR magazine, and British Petroleum. She also has her own online shop, where she sells postcards and art prints. You can also follow her progress online through Instagram.