Illustrator Merges Together Animals and Everyday Objects

Visual artist and illustrator Redmer Hoekstra creates peculiar illustrations of animals merged with everyday objects, giving her subjects a completely different interpretation.

“I have always loved alienation and fantasizing, daydreaming,” Hoekstra wrote on his website. “As a child, I all had theories about how the world worked and I rediscovered this at the academy and incorporated it into my drawing.”

He draws inspiration from the daily surroundings and makes new connections between the things he sees. “I associate on form, meaning and effect and thereby new combinations arise. Often surprising, strange and funny but also with a strange kind of logic, in a fantastic and surreal world.”

The black and white illustrations are drawn using traditional techniques, with each piece taking on average 32 to 40 hours to complete, as the artist wants his drawings to be as realistic as possible.

Whether you regard his artworks as humorous, playful or eerie, there’s no doubt that Hoekstra is one talented artist. Scroll down to see his latest creations.

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De familie Kaper.

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