Illustrator Embraces the Happy and Unhappy Sides of Life

Chean Wei Law (AKA Undo) is known for his ability to transform simple forms and shapes into expressive faces. In his 100 Happiness series, he shared daily illustrations that explore his search for happiness. His series juxtaposes happy faces with unhappy faces. Those seem to coexist together within each of his illustrations, serving as a striking reminder about everyday hardships.

“Happiness co-exists with unhappiness; they are interrelated and interdependent, like Yin and Yang,” he told The Design Kids. “It would be delusional if the works just showcased happy faces. We will definitely overlook true happiness if we do not embrace the opposite side of it. You need to go through the unhappy moments in your life to really unearth the meaning of happiness.”

Bold, graphic, and playful, Undo’s illustrative style draws from his experience as a designer. “I don’t think a designer should have a style, but an illustrator can develop their own style,” he said. “I am a designer but also love doing illustration and icon design. From my experience, it was all come naturally when I start designing it and drawing them.”

“I didn’t try to develop a style,” he stressed. “I think everyone has a unique background, different experience, and their own preference. This is what makes up a style for you because it comes within you. If you want to develop a style, I believe you can study them and play around when designing.”

Indeed, if one thing is constant throughout his work, it’s his playful attitude.

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