Goofy Gods Comics Are Putting a Hilarious Twist on Greek Mythology

Greek mythology gave us countless amazing stories about mighty gods, and one duo of illustrators decided to look at them from a humorous angle. Goofy Gods Comics put a funny twist on Greek mythology and they’ll convince you that Greek gods are just like us.

This Instagram page was founded by two best friends, who knew each other from high school, and it attracted over 400,000 followers since 2019. The creative duo bonded over a similar sense of humor, and they started creating comics by each other’s side after realizing they share a love for Greek mythology.

The duo mostly focuses on making fun of Greek mythology in their comics, but they’re no strangers to adding pop culture references to the mix, paying homage to everything from Disney movies to Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.

We’ve seen many Greek gods make their way into these comics, from Zeus to Hades, but the three-headed dog Cerberus, known as Cerbie in the comics, is their biggest star.

“At first it was mostly just 1-off jokes, but after a while, we decided to do full stories spreading over multiple comics… We’re also huge dog fans, so Cerbie was a great way to convey our love for dogs!” the duo told Bored Panda.