Get Hooked on Miniature Art with DomestiKate

What is it about miniature props and figurines that makes as aww and ahh? “Working in 1:12 scale is an exciting challenge,” writes miniature artist Kate Strzinek on her website. Known online as DomestiKate, Strzinek describes herself as a creative heart, maker, and a joyful curator.

After successful careers in interior design and fashion for over 20 years, she rediscovered her passion for design through miniatures. But like most miniature enthusiasts, her love for all things tiny began much earlier. “When I was 7 years old, my dad built me a dollhouse,” she recalled in an interview with The Daily Mini, “and what I remember most about it was playing with the interior design, rather than any make-believe!”

According to Strzinek, she would lay at the edge of her bed and stare at the dollhouse, visualizing different arrangements of the furniture. “Ultimately, I had much more fun moving the tiny furniture and crafting pieces out of paper than would moving figures around to create narratives about their lives,” she admits. “It was likely from that point onward that I realized I’m a very visual person who simply loves crafting with my hands, including painting little pieces and just tinkering around.”

Based in Austin, TX, where she shares a home with her husband and teenage children, Strzinek enjoys learning and growing in her craft, and might just inspire you to tag along. “Yes, there are amazing artists out there… but the learning process is so joyful,” she notes. “Train your brain to scan for everyday items to reuse in miniature, because you truly don’t need to spend a ton of money. Just stay to play. When you get hooked, the rest will come naturally. Join me!”

We might as well join!