Futuristic Tree House Hotel That Blends Perfectly With The Mountains

The architecture studio Peter Pichler Architecture, based in Milan, Italy, designed a hotel that offers an immersive forest experience in the Italian Dolomites. The structure is called “Tree Houses” and it’s meant to resemble the shapes of the fir and larch trees that are abundant in that part of the mountains.

Each treehouse has a distinctive eco-futuristic look characterized by sharp roofs, wood cladding in black color, and wide glass windows that open the interior toward the majestic mountains.

Looking from above, the hotel rooms are almost camouflaged within the mountainous region. The interior emphasizes light color woods which beautifully contrast the black exterior. Aside from the contemporary yet boldly naturalistic design, the houses are characterized by the sustainable approach that the architects used for their development.

Each of the treehouses has geothermal heat pumps and tanks for collecting and reusing rainwater, which contributes to building a strong and sustainable relationship with nature.

They really are a dream come true for any nature-loving traveler!