FUTUREAHEAD Headset Brings a Visual Component to Your Music-Listening Experience

Want the rest of the world to know what you are listening to while wearing your headphones? Or maybe you just want them to project your mood or current musical vibe? Then the FUTUREAHEAD headset designed by Olga Orel will be right down your alley.

Orel recently shared details about FUTUREAHEAD on Behance and social media, and it is safe to say that the project has intrigued a lot of people.

Orel’s headphones come equipped with small digital screens that light up when the users put them on and can project all sorts of multimedia content. It can be the artwork of the album you’re listening to, song lyrics, artist’s photos, or simply a slideshow of images that correspond to the music you enjoy.

Of course, the functionality of the headphones also plays a big part, with Orel designing a comfy fit for the ears and an adjustable headband.

“The design takes inspiration from retro headsets, which typically featured a stylish and nostalgic aesthetic,” Orel said about her headphones. “My design task was to combine the retro look with modern technology, and at the same time it was important to emphasize the functionality of the headphones.”

The FUTUREAHEAD headset is currently in the design phase, but we can’t see a reason why such a cool idea wouldn’t become a reality.