Foodies Beware! These Desserts Aren’t Meant to Be Consumed

Nadia Michaux is the self-proclaimed owner of the Littlest Sweet Shop—a delightful store that carries anything from miniature chocolate bars to neon-colored Slurpees. But though undeniably appetizing, her tiny treats aren’t meant to be consumed.

“These miniatures are models/toys and should not be eaten or given to children aged 12 and below just in case they swallow it since they do look like real sweets,” Michaux’s website clearly states. “These models are strictly for adult collectors only.”

Clearly catering to adults who are children at heart, Michaux sells her incredible (and tasty looking) miniatures online. Each piece is professionally made using PVC based clay models made from polymer clay from Germany, the US, and Japan. Michaux also uploads the work process that takes place behind the scenes, with short videos that are in and of themselves an art form.

“I love making miniature food since it is a challenge to make it look like the real thing,” she told The Daily Mini. “I enjoy the challenge and thinking up ways to model something more precisely.” With more than 40k fans on Instagram, there are plenty of other people who enjoy her work just the same.