Erica Lynn Hood’s Ceramic Art is Almost Too Pretty to Be Functional

Ceramic artist Erica Lynn Hood is very clearly inspired by flora and fauna. Illustrating a variety of animals and plants, she transfers her illustrations onto various functional forms, such as plates and mugs. A blend of art and function, her finished products are almost too pretty to use.

According to her website, Hood likes animals that have a lot of personality, and enjoys using her work as a platform to start conversations about threatened and endangered species. “Nature is such an important part of her life and her artwork,” reads her website, with her surface design inspired by animals, wallpaper, nature, and ink wash paintings.

Since graduating from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2014 with a BFA in ceramics, Hood makes and sells functional ceramics online and in person at markets and open studios. She has also officially started Thermal Shock Studio in 2017 with Owen Roberts. Aside from that, she has been teaching ceramics at communal studios throughout the New England area.

Scrolling through her Instagram page is very much inspiring, so you might want to hear her advice for other aspiring young artists. “If I could give any young women advice it would be to master your trade and work hard until you get to where you want to be,” she told the Boston Voyager. “Everyone wants to learn from/employ the best of the best – so strive to be the best at what you’re passionate about and everything should fall into place. Pick up any job you can, no matter how small and insignificant because you can learn a lot from any experience and that will help you in the future.”

Here are some highlights from her Instagram page.